Ambient Cinematic Guitar One & Two


When you say cinematic music most people think orchestra. While you can't beat the sound of violins and cellos, another stringed instrument, the electric guitar, is increasingly being featured on the latest movie scores. Find out more.

The Cinematic Percussion Engine


Add a new dimension to your soundtracks with this powerful percussion engine. Find out more.

Sonic Zest - The Complete Collection


Get the complete collection. Find out more.

Ambient Cinematic Guitar Three


It’s finally here… Give your soundtrack the twist that it needs now. Find out more.

Acoustic Autumn


We took a beautiful cypress wood acoustic guitar and sampled its delicate sound. The instrument also features the beautiful sound of guitar harmonics. When played across the keyboard the sound resembles that of the thumb piano (mbira).Find out more.

Glass Hand Drums

Halfway between percussion and melodic instrument sits these glass hand drums. Sonically they are reminiscent of hand drums and halo drums. Find out more.

Cinematic Soundscape


This is a vintage electric guitar plugged through multiple effects chains to unleash a lush pad-like sound. It works perfectly in combination with the Ambient Cinematic Guitar collection.Find out more.

Apricot Duduk


One of the oldest instruments known to man, the duduk originates from the Middle Eastern country of Armenia. It is similar to the oboe, it that it makes use of a double reed. The body of the instrument is traditionally made from apricot wood. Find out more.

African Tube Percussion


We recently stumbled across this instrument in a pop-up shop. The lady was selling Ghanaian imports, amongst which we found our African Tube Percussion set. Find out more.

Chinese Dragon Bells


A selection of dragon-engraved Chinese bells that produce a right timbre of sound. Find out more.

eBow Mandolin & Acoustic Guitar


Mandolins, like other plucked stringed instruments, typically have a short attack and a short sustain. The result of eBowing a mandolin is a very slow attack followed by an infinite sustain. The eBow is therefore a powerful tool in unleashing a new sound from this classic instrument. Also includes elbowed classical acoustic guitar. Find out more.

The Himalayan Water Bowl

Water-filled ceremonial singing bowls from Tibet emit a haunting sound that simultaneously causes the droplets to dance. Our new instrument, the Himalayan Water Bowl , samples this mysterious and ancient sound, producing percussive hits, chromatic instruments and pads. Find out more.

Percussive Guitar


The acoustic guitar is just as much a percussive instrument as it is a musical instrument. This acoustic guitar has had its body, neck and strings flicked, hit, thumped, stroked and slapped with the knuckles, fingers and the palms of the hand to produce a spectrum of different sounds and timbres. Find out more.

Typewriter of Prince George


From the vaults of history we present to you our newest Kontakt instrument: Typewriter of Prince George, in commemoration of the baby royals christening. In the spirit of Dario Marianelli's work on the 2007 film Atonement, this new and exciting instrument samples every click, clack, rattle, ring and bang of this antique typewriter. Find out more.

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